Asbestos Testing

Image of worker testing for asbestosTesting for asbestos is a dangerous activity as materials can release toxic pathogens when disturbed.

To verify the presence of asbestos, NorHaz must conduct a thorough inspection and testing of any materials to be disturbed prior to starting a renovation or demolition project. Lab results will tell you if there is any asbestos present, as well as the concentration levels of asbestos present. The level of asbestos present in a material, the risk of exposure (friability of substance), and removal methodology will determine the proper safety procedures that need to be taken during demolition.

Not sure if you have Asbestos in Your Home?

Prior to calling our expert team for a free consultation, you may have the necessary skills and confidence to conduct your own asbestos visual inspection of your home. It is critically important that you do not disturb the materials that may contain asbestos, as this is when the health dangers of asbestos are experienced.

Download our helpful visual inspection diagram to assist you in looking for areas that may contain asbestos and to assist in identifying what it may look like.

At the first sign of potential asbestos, contact NorHaz for a free consultation and rest easy knowing your family’s health is the hands of the top Asbestos Testing & Disposal Team in BC.