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Top 15 Hazardous Materials in Your Home

Byron Dolan Asbestos, Cadmium, Lead, Mold, PCB's, Radioactive Isotopes/Radon, Silica

Our 100+ years of hazmat experience has taught us a few things about safe homes. We have compiled this list of the most threatening hazardous materials that may be present in your home – the top 10 most common and an additional 5 dangerous substances. Your family’s safety starts with education. 10 Most Common Household Hazardous Materials 1. Asbestos Asbestos …

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Presentation – What Inspectors Need to Know About Mold & Asbestos

Byron Dolan Asbestos, Mold

Asbestos & Mold for Home Inspectors 101 NorHaz conducted a presentation for the Annual HIABC Spring Conference & Tradeshow in Kelowna, BC on the general issues and challenges presented when inspecting homes for asbestos and mold. After overwhelming positive feedback from the live presentation, we have decided to offer this presentation to our network of home inspectors across the province …