Asbestos-containing Vinyl Flooring Removal – Time Lapse

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Watch a full day asbestos vinyl flooring remediation conducted by our team compressed down to 21 seconds with this time lapse video. This is a high risk procedure that should under no circumstance be undertaken without the proper personal safety equipment, procedures and experience. Asbestos-containing Vinyl Flooring Removal (time lapse 0:21) If you suspect the presence of asbestos in your …

From Asbestos Awareness to Action in Penticton, BC

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Source:¬† WorkSafeBC¬† |¬† May 2017 From Asbestos Awareness to Action in Penticton, BC In this day and age, are city workers still at risk of asbestos exposure when they enter a demolition site? How about operators who sort demolition materials at the landfill? They might be, if regulations to prevent asbestos exposure are not being followed at the worksite. To …

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Top 5 Asbestos FAQ’s

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As reported by CBC one year ago, Canada has pledged to follow the path that more than 50 countries have already taken and ban asbestos-containing products in 2018. WorkSafeBC calls asbestos the “Hidden Killer” and recommends all removals be conducted by trained experts. Full asbestos ban, changed codes and regulations expected by 2018 CBC, Dec 15, 2016 With over 100 …

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Presentation – What Inspectors Need to Know About Mold & Asbestos

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Asbestos & Mold for Home Inspectors 101 NorHaz conducted a presentation for the Annual HIABC Spring Conference & Tradeshow in Kelowna, BC on the general issues and challenges presented when inspecting homes for asbestos and mold. After overwhelming positive feedback from the live presentation, we have decided to offer this presentation to our network of home inspectors across the province …

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Asbestos testing should be required before renovations start (CBC)

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Read this full article on The federal government’s plan to ban asbestos by 2018 does nothing to protect homeowners, say local experts. The ban, announced Thursday, will prohibit the import, export and use of asbestos in renovations or new building projects, yet does not address the tens of thousands of homes and buildings in Canada that were built using …