Real experience to tackle the most complex HazMat projects

The NorHaz Team

Has extensive experience in the hazard remediation industry. Based on this experience we recognized that there was a need for a dedicated company to support homeowners, contractors, building managers, business owners and others to navigate the important recent changes to workplace safety regulations. NorHaz is focused on providing the right advice, planning and services in a cost effective manner to ensure you can re-gain access to contaminated areas quickly and safely.

Dean Ganie - Hazardous Materials Expert

Dean Ganie

A recognized leader in the hazard remediation industry. Dean has over 25 years of restoration and remediation experience with a focus on hazardous materials. He regularly consults with local worker safety regulators on appropriate risk management and hazard control practices. Dean is certified with the IICRC and CSA.

Jeff McCallum - Hazardous Materials Expert

Jeff McCallum

Has 25 years of restoration and remediation experience in the Okanagan Valley as the president of ABK Restoration Services. His business experience covers all aspects of the restoration industry, and he is certified with the IICRC.

Jeffrey Dolan - Hazardous Materials Expert

Jeffrey Dolan

Has extensive experience in many forms of hazard remediation and restoration. He grew up working in the family restoration business and over time has taken on general management responsibilities. He is certified with the IICRC.

Byron Dolan - Hazardous Materials Expert

Byron Dolan

A qualified accountant and has been involved in the restoration and remediation industry since receiving his mold and asbestos remediation certification while working summers in the family business. Since then he has worked in accounting and finance for many organizations in industry and public practice.

Kayleen Gronowski - Hazardous Materials Expert

Doug Braun

Doug is responsible for Marketing and Development and brings extensive management experience in both the restoration industry as well as other venues . His personal approach is evident when he first arrives on site, as well as during the process start to finish. He has worked together with Dean over the past 10 years and developed a dynamic team relationship. He holds multiple IICRC certifications.

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