Vermiculite Removal

Why is Vermiculite Removal or Abatement Necessary?

Vermiculite removal/abatement procedures are especially important for older offices and homes. During the 1900’s, almost three-quarters of the world’s vermiculite used for both homes and buildings came from one mine in Montana, that was later found to have ore that contained dangerously high levels of tremolite asbestos.

Homes and commercial properties developed in the 1990’s and prior, were commonly insulated with vermiculite. It was easy to apply, had effective insulating properties and commonly used throughout Vancouver. Contaminated vermiculite removal services are an essential service that will remove this toxic material. For this reason, our staff is dedicated to ensuring you will live more comfortably and safer with quality vermiculite removal work.

Our Vermiculite Removal Process

Our vermiculite removal process is designed to completely erase the high risk of asbestos exposure and ensuing health concerns. Kitchen tiles, attics, basements, house siding, paneling, roof shingles are just a few places asbestos can hide in the home. Insulation around water boilers, the inside of walls and ceiling paneling are just some of the spaces where contaminated vermiculite can be found in offices.

With over 100 years of combined experience, the Norhaz Team is qualified to handle contaminated vermiculite removal tasks. Our vermiculite abatement procedures are safe and effective in removing harmful asbestos-based materials from commercial and residential properties. After completion, we leave the area completely hazard-free and dispose of the contaminated materials in a safe and effective manner.

If you suspect vermiculite in your home or office, contact us today for a free quote.